Latina Teen Called a “Hero” for Smashing Classmate's Racist Pottery Project


The Internet just crowned Latina teen Brigitte Yasamin its latest hero. Her noble effort: smashing a classmate's racist pottery painting.

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During art class, Brigitte saw a student coloring a confederate flag on a ceramic box, and the Washington State mexicana was not having it.

She first took to Twitter, saying her classmate’s project made her “sick” and that she hates her school.



Next, the teen had a little “accident.” She tweeted a photo of the box on the floor in pieces, with the caption “oops.”

But it’s clear the drop was totally intentional. “Y'all been knew ion give f**k,” Brigitte tweeted, later also saying she has “no sympathy for racists.”



While her art teacher didn't make an issue of it, saying "it happens," Brigitte thinks there might be consequences, though she's not concerned.

“I'm just happily waiting for the principle to call me up to her office so we can discuss this whole thing lol I ain't shook," she tweeted. "The ‘worst’ thing that can happen is that I get suspended I'll happily take that.”

“They're probably gonna call the girl up too and tell me to apologize... nope I'm going to educate her about her ‘views,’" she continued.

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Brigitte has been called a "legend" and a "hero" on Twitter.