Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa seated with First Lady for President's Speech on Job Creation

Tonight, LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will be seated next to Michelle Obama during President Obama's speech to the joint session of Congress on how we can create more jobs for the American public.

He recently spoke to Madeleine Brand of Southern California Public radio on what he hopes to hear tonight in the nation's capital. Although the President is not expected to propose a new stimulus package, Mayor Villaraigosa said he hopes that the Republicans will step back from their partisan posturing and actually roll up their sleeves to work with the administration to try to create jobs for the millions of people struggling to find employment.

Calling the high unemployment rates a "national tragedy," Villaraigosa insisted, "The Republicans and the Democrats have to work together to put people back to work." A slew of Republicans have said that they do not plan to attend tonight's speech—a disrespect that hopefully will not go unnoticed for the almost 10% of the American public that is unemployed.

In response to a question about Obama's supporters recent disenchantment with what the President has been unable to accomplish, Villaraigosa defended the administration, saying, "I understand the frustration, people want action, and the President is trying really hard to force that action. I think tonight you're going to see him ready to fight for America's working families."

We sincerely hope this is true and that the Republicans are wiling to stop their political theater and work with the President of the United States to help the people who elected them to office.