Sound Off: 15 Reactions To Mexican Barbie

The internet has been buzzing about the "Dolls of the World" Mexican Barbie, that comes with a chihuahua and passport. While many pointed out that all of the dolls come with a passport, others expressed their disappointment of the stereotypical depiction of a Mexican.

We rounded up some of the funniest, honest and thought-provoking comments you wrote about the doll. Read what other readers have to say, then let us know what you think in the comments below!

Muñeqa Montoya: If all the dolls have a passport then I don't think that's offensive, but the Chihuahua dog? It may be native to Mexico, but I would think they could find a better cultural image to represent our beautiful country!

Marietta Bernstorff: I understand the need to buy a doll for your daughter that represents your culture but this is not the way to go about it, many women in Mexico are making fantastic dolls that hold another meaning, the value of our culture... so don't buy this buy something that helps women in Mexico and really tells a story to your daughter!

Melanie Lopez: I find her ugly pink dress more offensive.

@ChelseaKnowles: No. Each doll in the collection comes with a passport, and most an animal.”

Melissa Alequin-Viveiros: I had a Puerto Rican Barbie back in the 90s. It wore traditional clothes from there, but no Coqui. LOL.