Student Kills Teacher and Classmate Before Shooting Himself in Mexican School

Student Kills Teacher and Classmate Before Shooting Himself in Mexican School
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On Wednesday, a Mexican private school came under attack when one of its own students opened fire, shooting a teacher and students before killing himself.

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The 15-year-old student was captured on the school's surveillance camera seated and shooting from his desk. At the time, a female teacher was handing out materials to her class. The ordinary scene, however, was violently disrupted when the teen opened fire, first shooting a boy sitting in front of him and then his teacher – both falling to the ground instantly. The shooter then got up from his seat and walked around the classroom firing shots at his classmates before shooting himself.

When the teen first attempted to shoot himself, he missed and ran out of bullets, leading him to reload. On video, it seems like the boy says something to the surviving students, who are cowering at their desks before rushing for the door. When they are gone, the teen shoots himself dead and falls to the ground. 

State security spokesman Aldo Fasci said the shooter had been under treatment for depression, but that the motive was under investigation. He said the boy brought the gun from home but it was unclear how he got a .22-caliber pistol into school.

"The situation [is] happening everywhere," Fasci said. "The children have access to the Internet. This has happened in other countries."

Mexico once had a program to check school bags at the entrance, but it hasn't been used in a while in many cases. 

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"There was a reason why book bags were checked," Fasci said. "I think we are going to have to start doing it again."