Could an Anti-Latino Blog Have Something to Do With This California Mom's Kidnapping?

Murdered California Supermom May Have Been Involved with Anti-Latino Blog
Shasta County Sheriff's Office

Sherri Papini was found beaten on Thanksgiving Day in northern California, after being reported missing for nearly three weeks. Now, the Shasta County's sherriff's office is investigating the case as related to an anti-Latino Internet blog.

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The 34-year-old mother of two young children was reportedly kidnapped while out jogging, and later was found on the side of the road, "bound by restraints" and weighing only 87 pounds. Few details were initially known as to who would commit such a heinous crime, but Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko is now currently investigating a 2003 blog titled, which may be related to Papini's case.

The blog, which has since been deleted, was a personal account of hatred towards Latinos. was recently discovered with Papini's maiden name Graeff as the author. In the post, the writer recounts an instance when she was "attacked" by Latino girls and being called Hitler. The author continued: "Being white is more than just being aware of my skin, but of standing behind Skinheads - who are always around, in spirit, as well — and having pride for my country. Being white is my family, my roots, my way of life."

Sherriff Bosenko explains, regarding the site's tie-in to the abduction, "There was a post under her maiden name of Graeff and that was posted, kind of like a little bit of history of her growing up and then some cruelty that may have occurred to her father and that she was basically proud to be white."

Papini's ex-husband, David Dreyfus, explains that the incident was a "malicious prank" put on by her high school enemy, and that she was not, in fact, racist.

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Papini's current husband, Keith Papini, expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of love and support during this difficult time, but also addressed the blog incident, saying "Rumors, assumptions, lies and hate have been both exhausting and disgusting. We are not going to allow those people to take away our spirit, love or rejoice in our girl found alive and home where she belongs."