Plane Carrying Jenni Rivera & Passengers Had Previous Malfunction

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The plane carrying Jenni Rivera that crashed had a previous malfunction a few years back, reports confirm. The plane, which crashed in the mountains 60 miles south of Monterrey, Mexico on Sunday, had failed during a 2005 takeoff attempt from an Amarillo, Texas airport, reports the New York Daily News. The fuel system on the LearJet 25, which was built in 1969, was at fault for the failure during the incident. 

The malfunction caused one wing to weigh more than the other, but no one was injured in the incident. The reason for Sunday's crash has yet to be determined, however. Officials for the transportation ministry in the nearby town of Iturbide said that the debris was scattered over a wide area. The investigation is ongoing. 

The crash claimed the lives of Jenni Rivera and six others onboard the plane, including two pilots. Rivera's makeup artist, Jacobe Yebale, snapped a picture and published on Instagram before takeoff. The tragedy was first reported Sunday morning. 

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