Post Earthquake, Mexican TV Network Airs Story of Rescuing A Girl Who Doesn't Exist

When tragedy strikes, the last thing you need is inconsistency. People want to be updated with the latest, and correct news. At least that’s what seems like the logic thing. On September 19, the state of Puebla, Mexico was devastated by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that reached Mexico city at a magnitude of 7.1.

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In the chaos of trying to locate and identify people that had gone missing because of the tragedy, somehow the story of one particular girl went viral. The Mexican TV network Televisa covered and highly publiczed the story of “Frida Sofia,” a young girl who was allegedly trapped inside of the Colegio Enrique Rébsamen that had crumbled on top of her, but was still alive.


On Wednesday, the day after the earthquake, Mexicans watched the horrifying story unfold, as more “details” were released. According to several reporters such as Danielle Dithurbide of Televisa, there were countless eye-witness reports, including mentions of people even feeding Frida Sofia drinks through a hose, or seeing her wave her fingers. Quite a buildup to see her live rescue happen live.


On Wednesday night, people stayed up late in anticipation of the end of this nightmare, only to be dissapointed. On Thursday, Ángel Enrique Sarmiento of the Mexican Navy revealed that 11 students had been rescued, but there was no trace of a “Frida Sofia.” Nineteen students and 3 other adults were also found lifeless underneath the debris.

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As expected, people were furious, and many took to twitter to share their thoughts on the fake news.




Some even started to draw conclusions about the mixup after sharing this image of Televisa’s producer wearing police uniform instead of company gear.   



In the end, Televisa aired a public apology from members of the Mexican Navy, assuring people that they work tirelessly to ensure the wellbeing of the Mexican community. Watch the video below: