Selena Gomez Gets Emotional Sharing Tragic Story of Texas Family During 'Hand in Hand' Telethon


Last night’s “Hand in Hand” telethon was a tremendous success, raising more than $44 million for survivors of Hurricanes Harvey (in Texas) and Irma (in the Caribbean and Florida).

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Tons of celebrities like Oprah, Sofia Vergara, and Luis Fonsi were on hand to take calls, perform songs or tell stories of people affected by the natural disasters, and the response was overwhelming.

While Selena Gomez wasn’t in attendance, she recorded a segment that aired during the broadcast. In it, she talked about the Saldivars, a family of seven, six of whom died while trying to escape the torrential floods of Hurricane Harvey when their van was submerged by water. The singer grew up in Grand Prairie, about 250 miles away from the Saldivar’s home.  

Gomez got teary talking about the family, saying, “Their story affected all who heard it. And no matter who we are, the differences we have suddenly did not seem to matter. Since that day, we have joined together—neighbor helping a neighbor, without stopping to think about race, religion or anything else.”

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