Marco Rubio: 5 Quotes About Immigration & The Dream Act

Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, has been trying to increase his popularity among voters - especially Latino voters. The Cuban politician has become more vocal about his opposition to the Dream Act and his thoughts on immigration rights since presidential candidate, Mitt Romney announced that Rubio was on his list for possible VP. 

We are counting down his best 5 quotes about immigration and The Dream Act:

1. "I support the idea behind the Dream Act, which is to help these young kids. I don’t support the Dream Act that’s currently drafted because it leads to chain migration and because it leads to a path of citizenship, which can potentially encourage illegal immigration in the future. I support the fact that we need to accommodate these kids that for no fault of there own find themselves in this legal limbo, but we have to do it the right way."

2. “Here’s the bottom line: I have thousands of kids in my state who fall under this circumstance. I know people who are under this circumstance. I live Miami, where you can’t go four steps without walking into somebody who is an immigrant. My wife’s family is from Colombia, the guys around the corner are from Nicaragua; the folks down the street are from Peru. You go to the grocery store, and everybody is from somewhere else.”

3. “I would veto the Dream Act if provisions included in that act to say that people who are here illegally, if they go to school here long enough, get a degree here that they can become permanent residents. I think we have to follow the law and insist those who come here illegally, ultimately return home, apply, and get in line with everyone else.”

4. “We believe immigration is an important part of our heritage and an important part of our future, but we cannot be the only country in the world that does not have immigration laws, we can’t be the only country in the world that does not enforce its immigration laws.”

5. "We have to come up with an immigration system that honors both our legacy as a nation of laws and also our legacy as a nation of immigrants."