Could Your One Night Stand Help You Get a Raise? Studies Are Pointing to Yes

Could Your One Night Stand Help You Get a Raise? Studies Are Pointing to Yes

Finding the daily routine at work to be a little bit more tedious than usual? Maybe you just need some extra spice in your life.

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According to the Journal of Management, having more sex on your off time leads to overall better productivity in the workplace. Makes sense, right? Getting in some extra endorphins dopamine, and all that other great stuff in order to perform better in the office is pretty logical.

In the study, four researchers surveyed 159 married employees for two weeks on their sex life. The employees had to fill out three brief online surveys, with only one question about their actual sex life: "how many times did you have sexual intercourse between the end of your work shift yesterday and right now?" There were also a few questions from the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) short form to assess the the person's mood, five questions asking respondants to rate their job satisfaction, and three questions to evaluate how immersed the person was in work that day.

They found that when the employees had sex at home, they were in better moods the next day, which turned into better office engagement and better overall job satisfaction. The effect seemed to last up to 24 hours and occurred in both men and women, regardless of overall marital satisfaction and amount of sleep. 

The study does have its limitations. For instance, it didn't thoroughly examine anything else happening in the employees' lives (i.e. why the couple was or wasn't having sex or that the lack of sex was related to work). 

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Either way, if you want to test out this experiment for yourself, we're sure it'll help more than it'll hurt.