Arkansas Congressman Tells Mexican-American to Stop Wearing Mexican Flags

Americans shouldn't wear Mexican flags (or any flags symbolizing their heritage). At least, not if they want to have political discussions concerning immigration. That's according to Arkansas Congressman Steve Womack.

The U.S. Repbulican gave an interesting comment to a Mexican-American man who was wearing a shirt that had the Mexican flag on it at a town hall meeting. The man, who introduced himself as a resident of Fort Smith, Arkansas and who is "very proud of his heritage," asked Womack a question.

"I'm so nervous I can't even speak," he starts. "I respect the whole border thing – I respect that – that I wanted to ask if it is a possibility to legalize the 11 million immigrants here in this country, that are here and are contributing to the progress of this country."

Womack responded with a very politically-correct answer, saying it was possibly but not likely because of how Congress is composed. But then, he continued:

“I don’t want to put this gentleman on the spot,” he said. “But it does strike me as a bit odd that I would get a question as to why we shouldn’t just automatically make it legal for people who didn’t come here in a legal circumstance, with a flag of another country hanging around his neck.”

“This is just some good old friendly advice. If you want to win friends and influence people on the issues that you are talking about, I would suggest a little different approach in terms of my attire when I’m appealing to an audience like this."

The Huffington Post, who also reported the story, was given a statement by Womack's Communication Director Claire Burghoff. The statement reads: "Congressman Womack respects this young man’s pride in his heritage. However, he firmly believes actions such as this – whether out of pride or provocation – are not constructive to the obviously divisive immigration debate."

Watch the video below, then tell us: What do you think of this? Do you agree with Womack or do you believe wearing a flag representing your heritage should have no effect on a representative's answer? Share in the comments!