Fox Business' Stuart Varney Says Immigrants Claim Starving Children to Take Advantage of Food Stamps

It appears as though Fox Business' Stuart Varney believes immigrants have been lying about their children starving in order to receive food stamps.

According to AlterNet, Varney is thinking it may be a good idea to deny food stamps to both undocumented and legal immigrants and their children. He suggested that these groups have been taking advantage of this particular benefit, and raised the question as to whether or not they even have the "right" to get food stamps.

"I'm interested in the idea that they cannot be refused any or all government services," he said during a recent segment. "They can't."

Fox News senior analyst Andrew Napolitano explained to the on-air host that the Supreme Court has ruled that noncitizens should be provided the same basic social services as citizens.

This prompted Varney to suggest that immigrants should be left to starve rather than receive the same food stamps benefits as citizens

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