Suspect Shot 99 Times by San Francisco Police Sparks Outrage


Last Tuesday an armed robbery suspect surrounded by San Francisco police officers in a standoff was shot at roughly 99 times and was killed from 25 shot wounds. 

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The incident occurred when Jesus Delgado Duarte, 19, jumped into a black Honda getaway car after robbing two people. The two victims alerted police who pulled the car over and almost a dozen officers immediately surrounded the car with guns drawn ready to shoot.

The body cam footage that has been released shows the driver of the car, Victor Navarro-Flores, 19, lying down on the floor surrendering to police. However, Duarte, does not move and is asked to raise his hands by a Spanish-speaking officer. Another police officer then throws a non-lethal bean bag at Duarte who responds with a single fire. Officers then opened fire, unloading roughly 99 shots. The 19-year-old died at the scene.

The footage sparked outrage at a Monday town meeting where locals began chanting "asesino" or "murderer" after watching the graphic video. Many claimed Duarte should not have been shot at over 20 times and demanded to know why more wasn't done to de-escalate the situation.

San Francisco Police Chief, William Scott, gave his condolences at the beginning of the meeting, "to the Delgado family and to Mr. Delgado's friends, we are sorry for your loss.'

According to SFGate, Duarte's brother said to a panel of the department's command staff, “You guys took him from my mom.” He adds, “You don’t know how bad she’s suffered. So please don’t tell me that you’re sorry. One of the reasons you’re not sorry is because you’re able to finish your day and go home and look at your kids in the eyes and tell them you love them. My mom doesn’t have that anymore.”

Christina Juarez Alfaro who was also at the scene was recovered unharmed from the back of the vehicle. She was not charged and her mother addressed the police saying, “They knew that my daughter was in there with them [too], they knew because they asked her to put her hands up.” Juarez’ mother explains, “They asked her to get out but the car was a two-door car, she had no chance. If she put one of her hands down to open the door, you know you guys would have killed her.”

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The names of the 10 officers involved in the shooting are expected to be released soon. The District Attorney is still investigating the shooting.