Swimmer's Fourth Attempt to Swim from Cuba to Florida Unsuccessful

Diana Nyad, 62, thought her fourth swimming attempt from Cuba to Florida would work. Unfortunately, the jellyfish stings, storm and sharks didn't help her reach her goal. 

"Instead of getting hit with one doozy, they got hit with three," Vanessa Linsley, a team member, told the Associated Press. "They got hit with the weather, they got hit with the jellyfish and they got with the sharks all at the same time." 

Nyad ended her attempt early in the morning on Tuesday and was being checked by doctors on a boat that was following her swim. This is her fourth attempt to become the first person to cross the Florida Straits without a shark cage. Australian swimmer Susie Maroney crossed the Straits in 1997, but with use of a shark cage. 

Nyad trained three years and was accompanied by a support team. 

What do you think of Nyad's attempts? Should she keep trying?