The 7 Latest Revelations in the Jodi Arias Trial

Since Jodi Arias' trial began last week, twisted tales and new revelations have continuously made its way into the courtroom.

As we previously reported, the 32-year-old Latina is charged with the gruesome murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Investigators say Arias stabbed Alexander 27 times in June 2008. Alexander, who was a Mormon and executive at a marketing company, met the soft-spoken Arias at a conference in Las Vegas in 2006. She allegedly began stalking Alexander (and even slashed his tires) after finding out he was dating other women.

At first, Arias said she didn't hurt Alexander. Now, she says she killed him out of self-defense. Below are the latest revelations in this dramatic case.

1. After she stabbed him 27 times and slit his throat from ear-to-ear, Arias allegedly shot her ex-boyfriend with a .25-caliber gun, People reports. This was reportedly the same gun that Arias and her grandparents reported stolen from their home (in California) a few days before the killing.

2. Arias’ own past words haunt her in court now. As we previously mentioned, the Arizona woman said she was innocent in an interview with Inside Edition after her 2008 arrest. In court, the prosecutor used an excerpt of that video against the soft-spoken woman, in which she states: “No jury will convict me, mark my words, no jury will convict me, because I'm innocent.”

3. According to attorneys, the victim called Arias a “slut” and “whore” in e-mail messages.

4. The murder scene was horribly gruesome. Check out these haunting photos of Alexander's home; there is blood on the floor, wall, and even the bathroom sink. 

5. The blood found in a handprint at the crime scene was a mixture of both Arias' blood and Alexander's. 

6. Arias had placed a phone call to a detective working on Alexander's murder case, offering her "help" in the case. In addition to telling the detective that she hadn't seen Alexander in a while, Arias asked if there was a lot of blood found at the crime scene. 

7. Arias' legal team has so far portrayed the victim as a sex-craved deviant - a drastic move away from Alexander's job as a Mormon motivational speaker. He was allegedly abusive and asked Arias to wear French maid outfit and a t-shirt that read: "Travis Alexander's."