'Undocumented Immigrants' Could Nab Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' Award

Time magazine will soon reveal their Person of the Year for 2012, and among the 40 candidates are "undocumented immigrants," reports NBC Latino.

“An invisible population stepped forward on June 15, 2012 to stake its claim on the American dream,” Time writes. “On that day, President Obama declared that certain undocumented immigrants — a group simply labeled 'illegal' by many — would not be the subjected to deportation under broad ranging conditions.”

But while this (somewhat) acknowledges Latinos, many others did not make the list of possibilities, such as Julian Castro or Marco Rubio (even though Chris Christie, Bill Clinton and Karl Rove did) or other Latino philanthropic and mucic stars. 

Voting closes on December 12, with the winner of the vote announced on Dec 14. Do you think undocumented immigrants should be Time's Person of the Year? Share in the comments!