11 Memes Every Dominican Can Relate To

These memes will have you rolling due to their accuracy! From doing chores on the weekends to being locked up in your room for the day, here are 11 memes that any Dominican can relate to!  

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1. What Me? No!

Simply keep me happy, and you won't have to worry boo!

2. The Weekends Are For Cleaning, 'Ponte a Limpiar'

Looking forward to the weekend, not so much if you grew up in a Dominican household. Los fines de Semana consisted of bachata/merengue tipico all while cleaning. 

3. Did You Hear About 'Fulanito' ?...

Regardless of where they at, the salon, Bodega or at work, Dominicans love 'chismes' AKA gossip! 

4. Platanos on Sale!

When you realize the platanos are on sale and your heart skips a beat! This is about to be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for today, tomorrow, and probably the rest of the month! #dominicansbelike

5. A Day As A Prisoner

Stuck in your room like you're doing a 4-hour sentence because your mom has visitors again, coño! 

6. What About Your Dominican Side?

Every time a celebrity doesn't rep their Dominican side you secretly want to cry inside, but you hold it together and remind yourself that it is the PR Day Parade and you can't be selfish all the time! lol  

7. Twerk? No Papi, I Dance Bachata

When they finally play Bachata in the club, with a dancing partner or no partner you are dancing Bachata!... #bachateamemama


8. I'm Sorry, What?

You're joking, right? Dominicans come in all shades...Hey, you never know, he/she just might be Dominican! 

9. Thor Ain't Got Nothing On Me

A Dominican mother is not one to be taken lightly. Most kids grow up afraid of the dark, but Dominican kids...well you see where I'm going with this! 

10. Dominican Salon Chronicles

I guess I'll live under here until you figure out when you'd like to do my hair, said every Dominican girl at the salon. 

11. Bachata me papa

We taking dancing seriously!