This 45-Year-Old Just Celebrated her Quinces and It's Adorable

@JoceyMarquez/ Twitter

There is finally an answer to the question, "When am I ever going to turn 15 again?"

Lorena Del Carmen Navarro is 15-years-old again. The 45-year-old celebrated her birthday with a huge quinceañera-style party. “She has been dreaming about a quince since she was a young girl, but never got the chance to have one simply because she knew her parents couldn’t afford one,” her son Saúl Ramírez said, according to Mitu. “She wanted to have one when she turned thirty but due to being in bed-rest while being pregnant with her second child, she couldn’t. Eventually, about three years ago, she decided to have the party at age 45.”

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The celebration was complete with a big pink dress that so many girls dream of.  She had five chambelans instead of one, a full court, and a Catholic quince mass. 


Instead of a special dance with her father, she danced with her husband to her favorite song, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Although it's a quinceañera tradition for parents to give their daughter her “ultima muñeca” or the last doll to represent her transformation from child to adult, Navarro received her first walker instead! Lorean also served favorite dessert, donuts from Krispy Kreme, instead of a cake. 

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We hope that the unorthodox quinceanera will inspire women who weren't able to celebrate their 15th birthday to find new ways to feel young again.