American Doll's 2018 'Girl of the Year' is a Young Latina And We're Here For It


Luciana Vega has landed! The 2018 American Doll Girl of the Year is an 11-year-old girl who aspires to be an astronaut, and the first person on Mars.

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The story of Luciana was debuted on Good Morning America where it was announced that she "hopes to inspire others to defy stereotypes and follow their dreams." 

The 18-inch doll, featuring brown eyes and dark hair, is of Chilean descent. American Doll collaborated with NASA to come up with her backstory which starts in a space camp in Alabama.

Katy Dickson, the president of American Girl, called Luciana "a champion of STEM and a natural-born leader," in a statement announcing her as the brand's 2018 girl of the year.

Moms will definitely approve of this STEM inspiring doll who will push girls to dream above and beyond about their future. This is what people had to say about it on Twitter.


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The doll comes with "STEM-inspired outfits and accessories" and is available in stores, online and through American Girl's catalog out now.