Thousands of Argentine Women Fight Back After a Teen Was Raped & Killed

Thousands of Argentine Women Fight Back After Fatal Rape of Teen
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(TW: Rape, Violence Against Women)

This brutal rape and killing of a teenage girl in Argentina shows how lethal machismo can be.

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Lucia Perez, 16, was drugged and raped before being murdered in Mar del Plata. The two men who left her in the hospital said she overdosed on drugs, but doctors found evidence that implicated that she'd been subjected to extreme sexual violence.

Prosecutors say she was drugged with marijuana and cocaine before the rape. She had a foreign object thrust into her anus so harshly and deeply that she went into cardiac arrest.

The lead prosecutor, Maria Isabel Sanchez, told the media: "I know it's not very professional to say this, but I am a mother and a woman and I have seen a thousand things in my career, but never anything equal to this litany of abhorrent acts."

Three men have been arrested in connection with Perez's death.

Thousands of people in Argentina walked out of work in black to join street marches in protest of this terrible assault and murder.

"In your office, school, hospital, law court, newsroom, shop, factory, or wherever you are working, stop for an hour to demand 'no more machista violence," the march organizers wrote.

While it was pouring rain, this had no impact on the protestors, who came ready to make noise and raise their voices in the streets. Many shouted how they were disgusted with the blatant machismo culture that existed in their country and abroad. On average, one woman is killed in domestic violence every 36 hours in Argentina.

"If you touch one of us, we all react," read the signs. 

The Argentina Solidarity Campaign also organized a vigil of support outside the Argentine embassy in London. 


Lucia's 19-year-old brother also posted on Facebook that taking to the streets and shouting together was the only way to prevent "thousands more Lucias" from being killed, and the only way to "close her eyes and see her rest in peace."

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Argentina is making efforts to crack down on this serious issue. They adopted an anti-femicide law in 2012 with harsher penalties for men who kill women when gender plays a part in the crime. Earlier this year, Argentina's President Mauricio Macri announced a plan to decrease gender violence. It is planned to be put into effect next year.