The Most Hilarious Memes of 2015

2015 has come to end. While we'll certainly never forget the biggest news stories of the year (same-sex marriage is legal! Kim and Kanye had another baby), what we'll truly cherish are the memes that celebrated this year's biggest pop culture moments. Before you ring in 2016, take a peek at the top 10 memes of the last year: 

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1. #10: Netflix & Chill

Netflix and Chill became the anthem of our generation and fodder for innumerable memes and jokes. Our personal favorite? Skip the chill, pass the chilaquiles. 

2. #9: Straight Outta Compton

When Straight Outta Compton hit theaters, the Internet went wild over the release of this meme generator. Let's just say, people can be very creative. 

3. #8: #PopeBars

We know we already dubbed him the Coolest Pope Ever, but Pope Francis got a helluva lot more awesome when he became the subject of the hashtag #PopeBars. A hearty thank you to the Internet for making us laugh for days

4. #7: Adele's "Hello"

Let's be real — when Adele drops a new track, the world stops, listens and immediately begins creating memes.

5. #6: Pizza Rat

Pizza Rat is every New Yorker. The valiant rodent didn't let stairs, drunk humans or the ghastly, germ-ridden floors of the MTA deter him (or her?) from getting her dollar slice. A round of applause for Pizza Rat, everyone. 

6. #5: Left Shark

You probably don't remember who on the Super Bowl, but we bet you remember the unintentional star of the show: Left Shark. Katy Perry's less-than-coordinated backup dancer made headlines for his blatant disregard of the choreography. We are all Left Shark. 

7. #4: Poot Lovato

The Poot Lovato craze started on Tumblr after a Lovatic posted a bizarre, overexposed, and likely Photoshopped paparazzi shot of Demi Lovato smiling in motion. The truly creepy trend took off on social media, but failed to impress one person: Demi Lovato. She took Twitter to blast the meme in a series of now-deleted tweets. "Cool to see a shitty angle turn into a meme that circulates the Internet to people's amusement ha," she wrote. "Oh and make actual 'headlines.'"

Unfortunately for Demi, Poot Lovato did make actual headlines. TIME named Poot one of its "Most Influential People" of 2015. 

8. #3: Llamas On The Run

In February, America tuned in to watch a police chase of unparalleled proportions. Two llamas went on the lam in Sun City, Arizona, causing a social media firestorm that included far too many references to The Emperor's New Groove. The two llamas on the run — one black, one white — also drew comparisons to everyone's favorite getaway duo: Thelma and Louise. 

9. #2: "Hotline Bling" By Drake

Everyone — everyone  — knows the words to "Hotline Bling" by now, whether you wanted to or not. A big thank you to Drake for creating a song and dance we won't ever be able to forget and an even bigger thank you to the Internet for turning "Hotline Bling" into a pop culture phenomenon.

10. #1: The Dress

Ah, the meme we all wish we could forget. For several agonizing days of February, the Internet obsessed over whether this elusive lace dress was white and gold or blue and black. We hate to break it to (some of) you, but the dress is blue and black. Crazy, right? Scientists explain that the discrepency in POV has to do with the way the brain processes what color light is bouncing off the picture.