7 Body Image Struggles Only Latinas Understand

Curvy or skinny, big booty or flat as a pancake, we Latinas all have our own body image issues that others could just never understand. See below, and tell us: can you relate? 

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1. Body Image: Too Curvy

If you're curvy... everyone thinks you're "sexy" and "spicy", and can move it like Jennifer Lopez or ShakiraPlus, you have to deal with clothes that don't accomodate a lot of extra curves — like Sofia Vergara, who infamously split her dress at the Emmy Awards in 2013. 

2. Body Image: Too Skinny

If you're not curvy... everyone's always asking you why you're so flaquita, and wondering (rudely) why you don't have those "Latina curves." Not all Latinas are curvy, okay? Not to mention, petite Latinas have to deal with the struggle of too-long pants and too-big shirts unless they're willing to invest in a reliable tailor. 

3. Body Image: Too Dark

If you're Afro-Latina... you're constantly being questioned about how you can be both Black and Latina. Just refer them to this article

4. Body Image: Too Light

Or if you're not brown enough... and have pale skin and/or colored eyes, you're constantly being questioned about your "Latina-ness."

5. Body Image: Curly Hair

If you have curly hair... you can't survive a hot, humid day without envying women like Shakira. Seriously, how does she manage to look perfectly tousled even when it's 90% humidity outside?!

6. Body Image: Straight Hair

If you have straight hair... you can't help but envy your amiga or prima with their beautiful rizos — especially because you can't get your hair to stay curled for more than a few hours. 

7. Body Image: Conclusion

If you're Latina... you know that every Latina is different and will have different body image struggles, because we come in a variety of shapes, shades and sizes. So, make sure to love your body and support one another. In the words of Denise Bidot, "It's about time we embrace who we are and stop apologizing for it! So many women are wasting their happiness... happiness is internal and beauty is internal."