Bronx Student Stuck Behind Bars May Lose Full College Scholarship

pix 11 news

Pedro Hernandez, an 18-year-old student from the Bronx, faces losing an opportunity of a lifetime.

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The teen was arrested after being a suspect in the case of a shooting of a teen that was left injured. Although the victim along with several other witnesses revealed Hernandez was not the shooter, he remains at New York City's main jail complex, Rikers Island, because he refuses to take the plea bargain.

This is not the first time the student has made headlines. According to WPIX 11, he was on the news just last year for being badly beaten by NYPD Officer David Terell, who is currently under investigation for allegedly forcing witnesses to say that Hernandez was guilty and for other cases of corruption.

While at Rikers Island, which houses a majority of Latinos and African Americans, Hernandez recieved his high school diploma and passed the SAT and Regents. He is recognized for his excellent performance in the classroom, so much so, that he was awarded a full scholarship to college. However, he is now facing the possibility of losing this scholarship given by the non-profit organization Posse. Hernandez's family established a crowfunding page to help raise money for his $250,000 bail and according to the page, he will not be granted the scholarship if he is still in jail by September 1st. 

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"Everybody needs to stand together and say that our kids don't deserve a plea deal," he told Pix 11 News. "They deserve a future."