6 Pieces of Advice to Help the Young Man in Your Life Build Confidence

One door closes, another one opens. That’s something most “older folk” can agree on when looking back on their earlier years. With every up and down, it can sometimes be hard to remain poised, positive and confident, no matter what the circumstances. Ahead, a few tidbits for taking on the next chapter in your journey:

Look the part: Appearances are by no means everything, but confidence can be built much easier if you look and feel good. Spritz AXE YOU Body Spray, throw on your favorite outfit, and flash your best smile to start off on the right foot.

Set goals: Every young man has big dreams, but he may not have an outline to get there. If you make realistic goals for yourself each week, however, that dream can slowly become a reality.

Tune out the negative: Confidence is only possible with a positive outlook. Stay focused on yourself and tune out the negative around you.

Stand tall: Just as dressing up is crucial to a confident guy, so too is standing strong and tall — both figuratively and literally. Sit up straight and with good posture, and the rest of your inner confidence will naturally follow.

Embrace the discomfort: In order to grow, it’s important to go outside of your comfort zone and learn from your mistakes. Embrace every obstacle that comes your way with open arms and an open mind, too.

Trust your instincts: When it comes to embarking on a new journey, one thing always remains true: Your gut knows best, and it may be the most trustworthy source of all. You have all the skills and power you need — trust yourself!