10 Costume Ideas Every Mexicano Will Appreciate

Halloween is right around the corner, and we all know finding a costume can be a headache. In the midst of the last minute shopping fiascos, we usually go with whatever seems easy, and even compromise our creativity. So here are a few ideas to do something a little different, because let's face it, there can only be so many Frida Khalos every year! We hope these inspire you and have you dressed the most chingón de la fiesta. 

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1. Selena

Dressing up as Selena quintanilla at least once in your life is a MUST! A Simple t-shirt, hoops and of course the signature red lip are the basics. Do a little spin to Bidi bidi bom bom, y ya, lista y puesta.  

2. La Familia P. Luche

For those who don't know who the Familia Peluche is, it's a Mexican sitcom that plays on the comedic side of the "average Mexican family." The best part about this is that they live in a world covered in peluche (stuffed toy material) and wear only peluche. All you need is a furry and colorful coat and/or accessories and you're good to go. 

3. Rebelde

You didn't think we'd skip this one did you? Osea, never! Throw on a red blazer, a tie and a little of Roberta's attitude and you're all set! If anyone assumes you're a regular school girl just walk away- no need to engage with los ignorantes que saben nada. Bye. 


4. El Chavo Del Ocho

El Chavo Del Ocho is a Mexican classic! You don't know El Chavo? No pues wow, mijo your childhood was deprived SMH. This one is so easy, you can pick from any character in the vecindario from La Chilindrina to El Chavo himself.  The best part is that you get a free pass to be childish and when people get annoyed, you can hit them with the classic El Chavo line, "bueno pero no te enojes." 

5. Telenovela Star

Looking for a costume that's more on the normal side? Be a telenovela star. You can be as extra as your corazonsito wants to be. Dust off that prom dress, put on some red lipstick, and practice your best hair flips. Oh and don't forget to say maltida!

6. Chola

Okay this one may be a little overdone, pero look hear me out. It's so easy. All you need is a flannel and possibly a bandana, then you can mesh it with another costume. Por ejemplo, wear cat ears and you're a thug cat! All I'm saying is this one never fails in a pinch. 

7. Cantinflas

You problably grew up with your mom watching all the iconic and hilarous Cantinflas movies. So how could we ever skip him! Master his look with a bandana on your neck and drawing on the signature Cantinflas mustache. 


8. El Chapulin Colorado

Rock a red shirt with red antennas and pair it with the popular Chapulin phrase, no contaban con mi astucia

9. Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi can be so underrated sometimes. In case you don't know her, she's basically the Mexican Madonna and she's awesome. Sultate el cabello, rip up some tights, throw a leather jacket on and channel your inner rock & roll star. 

10. La India Maria

Another classic is La India Maria, she's a hoot! This costume might require more work pero tell your tia to bring you some authentic clothes from Mexico, braid your hair, and simply crack some jokes.