Three Latino East Hampton High School Students Commit Suicide

East Hampton High is a school with a small community of about 900 students. In an area where many who are economically comfortable have lived, a new population is on the rise -- the poorer Latino. This economic divide has had a serious affect on the students.

According to the New York Times, there have been three suicides in three years all committed by Hispanic students. This is far above the regional average for a school community which is so small.

David Hernandez, a 16-year-old from Ecuador, hanged himself just a few days after homecoming in September; the second suicide in three years. Two months later, another suicide followed by a student who was about to transfer to the school.

School administrators have found that the underlying issue is alienation among the immigrant students. The students arrive at East Hampton years after their parents and not only have to readjust to living with their mothers and fathers, but also a new school with a new language in a place that is "rarefied even by the standards of the average American student."