This Latino Father-Son Duo Uses Music to Protect Our Oceans

This Father-Son Duo Combines Their Love of Music & the Ocean in the Perfect Way
Jerritt Clark

More than 70 percent of the earth is occupied by oceans, and yet, these beautiful bodies of water are often polluted, threatened and neglected.

Robert Trujillo isn't letting that happen, however. The California native has been a longtime supporter of the Surfrider Foundationan organizaiton that works to protect our oceans, beaches and coastlines. The foundation, which initially started as a group of surfers who wanted to protect Malibu from pollution, has grown into a network of passionate individuals across the country who work to keep every beach clean and safe.

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Trujillo, fortunately, has passed on his love of water to his son, Tye Trujillo. The 11-year-old has followed in his father's footsteps by playing the bass in heavy metal bands in an effort to raise money for Surfrider. Trujillo, along with three other youngsters, has been playing in the band The Helmets since he was 8 years old. The band recently headlined Surfrider's Two Coast: One Ocean bash in Malibu, performing an electrifying set that included an impromotu jam between Robert and Tye. The concert supported the foundation's Save Our Coast campaign to ensure California's coastline is protected for generations to come and also their new Long Live the Beach campaign to engage the next generation of coastal defenders.

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