WATCH: Juanes Takes On HIV Awareness for the Young Latino Community

Latinos account for approximately 21 percent of all new HIV infection cases in the U.S. According to statistical reports by the Centers for Disease Control, that's nearly three times the rate of infection for whites. Juanes has now taken this statistic and decided to run with in order to help build awareness for the young Latino community.

Juanes recently launched a new PSA en espanol which is sponsored by the non-profit HIV/AIDS organization Lifebeat in partnership with the CDC and MTV.

“Did you know that in America, there are more than one million people living with HIV?” Juanes asks in the PSA for National HIV Testing Day. “There are more than a thousand new HIV cases a month among youth 13 to 24 years of age. Be sure to get tested. In just 20 minutes, you can find out the results.”

Guillermo Chacon, president of The Latino Commission on AIDS, commented on the latest statistic. “It’s shocking to think that an estimated 1,000 people get infected with HIV every single month in the United States," he said. “Celebrities like Juanes are crucial to raising awareness, which is one of the most important ways for people to understand that HIV infection can be prevented.”