Check Out Tatianna Tarot’s Latina Tarotscopes for July 2017

Summer is here  – check out whether you will succeed romantically or do well on the career front this month. 

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Cancer // The Rebel

This is the month for you to take matters into your own hands and master your own destiny. You have the opportunity to take control and command your space with proper discipline, clarity of mind and the determination to make things happen for yourself. You may find yourself exhausted of the life you’ve lived or the conditions you’ve followed along without questioning. It’s time to experience a break through and establish more authenticity in your life. This requires that you are honest with yourself and honest with those around you, even if it shakes things up. Be courageous enough to live your truth and be willing to take responsibility for it.

Leo // Flowering

July is a ripe time for you to create new projects and flaunt your confidence to get what you desire. A card symbolizing much fertility, make sure that before you embark on creating the new, you complete any unfinished projects and intentions. Flowering reveals that you are filled with life, infinite potential and have begun to actualize your greatness. You may finally be at peace with who you are and then person that you’re transcending into. Be open to welcoming all forms of abundance in your life and find the gratitude for all things. Life is unfolding in your favor this month, don’t hesitate to bask in this positivity. Your life shall overflow when you begin to believe that you have more than enough to give & to create.

Virgo // Aloneness

Sacred time is vital this month in order for you to meditate and receive guidance on your next steps in life. You channel divine wisdom by giving yourself the honor and respect you need and creating time and space for you to rest and contemplate on what your spirit wants you to know. This can occur by journaling, meditating, spending time with your tarot cards or simply relaxing and allowing your mind to be at ease. For some, this may be a time where your own energy and presence is more rewarding than spending it with others. Develop appreciation for your own soul and what you can provide for yourself at this time without the chaos and drama of the external world. Bear in mind that we all need breaks periodically in order to regain our balance and peace of mind.

Libra // Stress

July can bring unexpected stress into your lap. Perhaps what you’ve been dealing with gets more intense, or more responsibilities fall into play. Stress is what you make of it; the more you perceive it as a problem, the less of a solution you can think of. It may be time to consider how you can take action and eliminate the factors in your life that are causing you stress, if possible. It may require that you create stronger boundaries in your life or you distance yourself from toxic energies that drain you. Be mindful that the source of stress can sometimes be yourself and how you choose to react to it. Instead of getting yourself in a frantic state, take deep breaths and be present minded so that you have the clarity to deal with what you can in the present moment. It’s time to be practical and honest with how you are handling things. Know that you’re competent enough to regain harmony in your life.

Scorpio // Integration

Much information and knowledge will be made known to you this month. Secrets can be revealed and what you’ve been oblivious to will now come into consciousness. Use this wisdom to elevate your understanding of the world, your life and your current power in it. July is the month to fuse opposite energies in your life into a harmonious balance. Combining two different vibes, creates the new; it s a month of fertility, union and transformation. If you are confused about anything, perhaps there might be a way for you to bridge options together in order to find a unique solution or compromise amongst differing forces. How is the conflict inside of you contributing to the external conflicts you experience? Seeking inner peace can help you establish a calmer reality.

Sagittarius // The Outsider

Analyze the ways that you feel excluded in life, be that from what’s going on around you or any sense of detachment that you pick up in self. The Outsider, highlights the emotions that we receive when we feel we do not belong or are undeserving of great experiences. It can make us act small and coward to a lesser form of living based on our beliefs, rather than having us act on our greatness. It’s important to track down where these beliefs and emotions are stemming from in order to stop them, otherwise they will continue to prevent you from living your best life. You are not a victim, check in and begin to accept yourself for what you are in its entirety. You have one life to life, indulge in it.

Capricorn // Adventure

Fill yourself with trust and indulge in a sense of adventure. This card can show that July will be a month of mystery and diving into the unknown. You may have no other choice but to step into the darkness and see where it leads you, whether this regards decisions that need to be made or life choices that you feel your intuition is calling you to make. Engaging in adventure doesn’t necessarily mean that you are physically traveling; it can allude to allowing your sense of wander to lead you to new experiences that your conscious brain wouldn’t choose to go. Nothing is guaranteed but July isn’t a month of over analyzing. Follow your truth and what resonates with your heart. Trusting your heart will support your growth in all ways.

Aquarius // The Dream

The Dream reminds you to be on your toes this month. July may have you feeling idealistic, aloof and detached from reality. It’s important to engage your imagination and fantasize about the reality that you desire but be practical about it. Make sure that you are taking sound action towards your dreams. Quit putting off your intentions until later, focusing on “one day,” instead of making small moves today. This card can also bring your focus to the real, rather than viewing the potential of a situation or a person, it’s advised to just concentrate on the facts. Things can always blossom into a fairytale but in order to see true results, make sure that you are viewing things for what they are and not for what you want them to be.

Pisces // Abundance

Abundance is a mindset that believes in the positive flow of all things; there is always more of where something came from. It is the focus of things fall in your favor, rather than against it. Carry yourself with a strong sense of self-confidence and wealth this month. Be rich in thought, emotion, action, love, creativity, passion, etc. Show the world what you are made of. If this was your least day on earth, you’d be living it to your fullest, July is your invitation to do the same. Don’t hold back on your potential; utilize all of your talents, intelligence and creativity to manifest your best life and to gain more rewards from the universe. This is a fertile time for you to project your best and demand the best. See the value of all things and count your blessings.

Aries // Control

It’s important to discern the areas in your life that you need to have more control over and those where you need to release your inner control freak. Take a breath in July, things may not entirely falling according to plan but that doesn’t mean that everything is off. The universe may be rerouting you to a path that is better than what you could have designed. Breathe easy and have faith in the journey. It can also be an important month for you to reinforce new boundaries that make you feel that you have more control over your life, especially if things have been chaotic. Bear in mind, when you are caught up attempting to control things that are out of reach, you become constricted energetically and lose your sense of spirit and adventure. You leave no space for magic to happen; allow life to flow through you this month.

Taurus // Intensity

Intensity is a great energy to use when it is focused on a specific target or desire. July has you moving with such force because you know exactly where you want to go and how to get there. Intensity comes with the message of being on your toes and opportunistic because we only have the “here and now.” Keep doing you. Individuals can feel your intensity and seriousness either viewing it as a refreshing blessing or a threat, what others think or believe is irrelevant to your own movement. This is not the month to keep track of others or follow their lead, spark your own revolution and dare to make the necessary changes you need to clear your path. Your belief in success will burn all obstacles down.

Gemini // Silence

It may be best for you to retreat this month and find peace within your own company. Silence requires sacred time and detachment from the world’s chaos. July is an optimal time for you to recharge your batteries, slow your mind down and get back on track on what’s more important, your center and calm state of being. It’s advised to take things easy in the meantime, insight and a deeper understanding on what you need to do next will naturally come to you. Silence is a vital part of self-care that requires patience and mindfulness. When the right time comes, you will feel energized and invigorated to take proper action in your life. If it seems as if nothing is transpiring at this time, it may be a great opportunity for you to be introspective and keep your heart open to any signs and messages on what you most need at the moment.