10 Latino Stereotypes We've Heard All Our Lives That Are Completely False


You can spot it on people’s faces – that cringe-worthy moment when they’ve unintentionally highlighted one of those stereotypes we’re so sick of hearing. Some say we have the media to blame for this, but, truth is, these erroneous generalizations have been around all our lives and, frankly, we’re sick of them:

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1. We’re all fiery, as in ill-tempered. Piss us off, and we'll go berserk. Sure, we’re opinionated, but this doesn’t translate to all of us ignoring each situation and losing it every single time. You know what is wild? Assuming all Latinos possess the same personality.

2. We walk around strutting our stuff in body-hugging attire 24/7 because we’re all curvacious olive-skinned sexpots with long black hair. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we don’t all look or dress alike. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with a petite booty in a pair of sweatpants, and don't appear too startled when you peep an Argentinian with blonde hair and blue eyes.

3. Surprise! We speak English, too. You can stop it with the muecas while you try really hard to speak Spanish. It's rude to infer that sort of stuff just by judging those around us. While preceeding generations may struggle to speak the most popular language in the U.S., that's not always the case.

4. No, we don’t all have big families. Twenty primos? In some cases. Five kids? Eh, not as likely as you might think. If anything, as with any other culture, this varies.

5. Would you stop using the term "immigrant" to offend us? For starters, we're not all immigrants. Some of us were actually born here. Moreover, using that term to imply that we're "illegal" is disrespectful. Have some consideration for the families who took those risks for a shot at a better future, will you?

6. Maid, gardener and busboy are not the only jobs we can hold down. Look around and you’ll notice many of us are in advertising, publishing, medicine and law. Name the field, and you'll spot some Latinos.

7. We're all great cooks. Wrong! We don’t all cook. For some, it’s just not a preference, while for others a demanding work schedule makes becoming a renown chef highly unlikely.

8. We’re Latino, thus we’re Mexican. No, no, no! Latin America is broad and composed of countries, like Peru, Puerto Rico, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and so on. Though Mexico is beautiful, we come from different places, too.

9. No hablo español. It's easy to expect seamless English to Spanish translations, but keep in mind that we don't all speak Spanish. Again, watch out for those assumptions!

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10. Lazy Latino? Think twice before jumping to that conclusion. According to Pew Hispanic Center’s associate director Mark Hugo Lopez, Latino men are actually much more likely to participate in the workforce than white men.