16 Items That Will Remind You Of Growing Up Mexican-American

You may be far from home, but that doesn't mean you should (or can...) escape your roots. These pan dulce, piñata and Abuelita-themed gifts and accessories help you bring a little bit of your Mexican-American culture with you wherever you go: 

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1. 1

These concha key chains look good enough to eat. 

(Don't try it, though.) 

Pan Dulce Charm, $7, Etsy

2. 2

Sleep tight under the light of la luna

La Luna Vintage Mexican Loteria Pillow cover, $38, Etsy


3. 3

Gansitos are best frozen and second best on charm bracelets. 

Gansito Charm, $4.50, Etsy

4. 4

Spend a perfect, sleepy Sunday sipping some Café de olla from your handpainted calavera mug.

Hand Painted Sugar Skull Mug, $30, Etsy

5. 5

Add a pop of color to your walls with this vibrant, folklorico print. 

Day Of The Dead La Bruja Print, $10, Etsy

6. 6

Winter is coming — and nothing fights the cold better than a set of luchador hand warmers. 

Owie Pack/Hand Warmer, $5, Etsy

7. 7

This Mariachi catrina makes for a beautiful bookshelf decoration.

Mariachi Catrina Mexican Folk Art, $35, Etsy

8. 8

A traditional partridge adds a touch of Mexican folk flavor to any space. 

Wooden Mexican Partridge, $25, Etsy

9. 9

So you can represent La Reina everywhere you go. 

Anything For Selenas Tee, $22.99, Texas Humor

10. 10

Wear your Tejana spirit loud and proud. 

Hecho En Tejas Shirt, $21.99, Texas Humor

11. 11

piñata you won't want to destroy. 

Piñata Earrings, $6, Etsy

12. 12

Spruce up your space with a vibrant print. 

Otomi Tribal Pillows, $39, Etsy

13. 13

El Santo loves Abuelita just as much as you do. 

El Santo Y La Abuelita Print, $10, Etsy

14. 14

calavera homage to Roberto Gómez Bolaños. RIP Chespirito. 

Chapulin Colorado Calavera Art Print, $8, Etsy

15. 15

Pop it on your MacBook, and show the world how much you love the palatero man. 

Palatero Cart Sticker, $4, Fúchila Fresheners

16. 16

Papel picado nail decals? Sign. Us. Up. 

Papel Picado Nail Decals, $6, Etsy