WATCH: Mexican Father Crosses the Border Every Day to Bring His Kids to School

We know that our parents would do anything to ensure our success and safety — but Jose Luis Dominguez is showing up and out for his kids in the best way possible.

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Every day, he walks his two children, 7-year-old Luis and 8-year-old Kayla, across the border from their home in Reynosa, Mexico to Hidalgo, Texas. As they walk the mile to the U.S., the 32-year-old father is with his children every step of the way to ensure their safety. 

"It's ugly across the border," he told KEN5 News. "Kids are being abducted. It's better [in the U.S.], safer, knowing that nothing will happen."

Once Dominguez gets the kids to school, he crosses the street to his job at a fast food restaurant. At the end of the day, he picks up his kids, and they make the journey back home. 

The Dominguez children aren't the only ones making this trip every day. There are many Mexican parents who are either enrolling their children in charter schools or getting their tuition waved at private schools in order to ensure a better education for them. As long as the family can provide a United States address, these kids are able to receive this amazing opportunity.

Watch the news report above to hear more about their story.