10 Things Mexicans Do That Americans Find Weird

It's no secret that Mexicans do things a little differently. 

While many Americans (and other Latinos!) might find their actions strange, Mexicans know that doing things differently is what makes them unique. Here are 10 things Mexicans do that other people might find weird. Check them out, and add your own in the comments!

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1. Mexican Problems 01

#1: Using really, really inappropriate slang.

Not even other Latinos fully understand or appreciate Mexicans crude slang. If a Mexican asks you "Que Pedo?", it doesn't actually mean they care about your farts. If your best friend calls you a puta, don't automatically take it as an insult. And if someone yells "No mames!", please don't get offended. 


2. Mexican Problems 02

#2: Putting anything and everything into a tortilla.

Mexicans can open up their fridge, and whip up a taco platter out of three-day old rajas, aguacatefrijoles, and tortillas. Despite their willingness to make tacos out of basically anything, Mexican-Americans get strangely defensive when people try to pass Chipotle or Taco Bell as "real tacos." Taco blasphemy. 

3. Mexican Problems 03

#3: Adding salsita to everything we eat.

We love our food extra picante, so you can rest assured that we'll be dousing our enchiladas in salsa no matter how spicy they already taste. The biggest decision of any meal? Choosing between green or red chile. 

4. Mexican Problems 04

#4: Recycling everything in their own unique way.

Nothing goes to waste in a Mexican household. Old butter containers? Throw some salsa verde or beans in there. And those old glass jars of Doña Maria mole sauce? Perfect for drinking cups.


5. Mexican Problems 05

#5: Having your own "Mexican" version of "American" things.

Bingo? We have Loteria. 

Twinkies? Gansitos taste better — especially frozen. 

Pudding? Give me some Arroz con Leche. 

Breaking Bad? We'll be over here watching El Señor de Los Cielos. 

Donuts? I'd rather have some conchas

Corn on the cob? Elote with extra chili powder, please.

Hot chocolate? How about champurrado or Abuelita instead? 



6. Mexican Problems 07

#6: Concocting home remedies for any ailment.

They almost always involve some combination of caldo de resVicks VapoRub, and 7Up soda.


7. Mexican Problems 06

#7: Typing "Jajaja" instead of "Hahaha."

And answering the phone by saying "Bueno" instead of "Hello."


8. Mexican Problems 08

#8: Drawing a complete blank when someone asks to make a family tree or name all the cousins. 

It would be impossible to get all the primos down on paper. Plus, new family members emerge out of the woodwork at every quince, wedding or family reunion. 

9. Mexican Problems 09

#9: Using a comal that's older than you are as a frying pan.

Because mama insists that you won't get the full flavor unless you've had the pan for at least 10 years. (Even if you don't even make homemade tortillas, and just use it to fry your eggs.)

10. Mexican Problems 10

#10: Eating one food and one food only during the holidays.

Breakfast? Tamales.

Lunch? Tamales.

Dinner? Tamales.