New 'Latino Victory Fund' AD Features Minority-Chasing Republican Candidate Supporter


A new 'Latino Victory Fund' (LVF) video released on Monday, features a Virginia Republican candidate Ed Gillespie supporter chasing down minority children.

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The minute-long ad, titled "American Nightmare," shows what seems to be a Caucasian man dressed in all black, driving a black pickup truck with an Ed Gillespie campaign bumper sticker and a confederate flag hanging from its rear. In the video, the man driving the truck is seen chasing down a Muslim girl wearing a hijab, an African American boy, and two Latinos. The video comes to an end after the kids reach a dead-end and awaken from what turns out to be just a nightmare, followed by the statement: "Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by 'the American dream?'"

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The ad has received a lot of controversial commentary on Twitter since its release but LVF is standing behind the ad arguing that it is not just propaganda but shedding light on actual concerns in the Latinx community. Just a few of the tweets LVF tweeted on Monday: