Police Officer Kills Unarmed Chicago Latino Jose Nieves

Police Officer Kills Unarmed Chicago Latino Jose Nieves

Another unarmed Latino has been killed by law enforcement. Last week, an off-duty Chicago police officer identified as Lowell Houser fatally shot 38-year-old Jose "Cheo" Nieves in the city's Hermosa neighborhood.

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According to Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, the shooting resulted from an altercation between the two.

"These two individuals knew each other from a confrontation a few weeks ago," Johnson said.

The victim’s family also noted that the men had a previous disagreement and that Nieves reported the officer for harassment.

“He would complain about the guy pulling out his gun at him, him coming home from work. More than once, he’s called 911. They’ve gone to the apartment. They’ve gone there. They don’t do nothing about it. He’s an officer,” Angelica Figueroa, Nieves’ sister, told CBS Chicago.

Figueroa has since sued the Chicago Police Department, alleging that officer Houser detained and shot her brother without justification.

"The officer stalked, threatened and, ultimately, killed Jose Nieves," Andrew Stroth, an attorney for the family, said in an interview.

While accounts told by Nieves’ family and the police match up, there are still many missing details. The shooting is currently being investigated, though it's known that Nieves did not have a weapon.

“I have a lot more questions than I have answers at this time,” Johnson said.

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Houser, whose police powers were removed following the killing, has yet to be arrested or charged.