Salvadoran-American Francisco "Frank" Rubio Chosen for NASA's New Class


Dr. Francisco "Frank" Rubio was recently chosen to join NASA's 2017 Astronaut class. 

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Rubio, the son of a Salvadoran mother, was one of 12 people selected out of 18,000 applicants to participate in National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Rubio was not only selected from NASA’s largest pool of applicants, he now joins the prestige list of talented Latinos who have paved their way into the space community. Since Mercury 7 in 1959, there have been only 11 Latinos chosen to be astronauts. Among the list is Ellen Ochoa, the first Latina astronaut, who will be training Rubio and his fellow trainees selected this year. 

“These women and men deserve our enthusiastic congratulations. Children all across the United States right now dream of being in their shoes someday. We here at NASA are excited to welcome them to the team and look forward to working with them to inspire the next generation of explorers,” the Johnson Space Center Director said.

Rubio isn't the only Latino doing big things at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Back in April, the organization announced they would be sending Serena Auñón-Chancellor, the first Cuban-American astronaut, to space by 2018.

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We know big things are in store for Rubio and his classmates. Congrats!