9 Things Every Selena Quintanilla Fan Needs For Their Dorm Room

Struggling to make your dorm room feel more comfortable and homey? Don't worry! Selena Quintanilla has you covered! 

The Queen of Tejano music is helping you update your boring dorm room into a cool space to lounge, study, and sleep. Here are 9 Selena Quintanilla-inspired accessories that will make your college living space a home away from home. 

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1. An air freshener so your dorm can smell 'como la flor.'


Selena Quintanilla Tejas Air Freshener, $5, Etsy.com

2. This coffee mug for your late-night study sesh.


Anything for Selenas mug, $15, Etsy.com

3. I mean, who wouldn't want to take notes with these pencils!?


Selena Pencils, $4, Etsy.com

4. This poster as a daily reminder to dream big.

Selena Quintanilla print, $6, Etsy.com

5. Your go-to candle when you need an extra prayer to pass your exam.

Selena Pop Culture Prayer Candle, $15, Earthrealdesign.com

6. A clock to make sure you make it to class on time.


Recycled SELENA 7" Record Clock, $29, Etsy.com

7. A tank top to help you look cute while you avoiding the infamous 'freshman 15.'


Como la Flor Black Tank, $14, Etsy.com

8. The only pillow you'll want to rest your head on after pulling an all-nighter.


Selena Quintanilla Throw Pillow, $25, Fineartamerica.com

9. This adorable tote you'll want to carry all your textbooks.

Como La Flor Tote, $12, Etsy.com