The Week in Culture: Kissing, Dolores Huerta, and Sexy Posters

Here's what happened this week, in case you missed it:

- The Latin American disease, Chagas, has been getting a lot of press lately as researchers dub it the new AIDS of the Americas. It transmits through blood-sucking bugs. Can you say gross? []

- What does a kiss really mean in Latino culture? [Being Latino]

- Verizon is giving a huge Quinceanera to a lucky girl, and Daddy Yankee will perform. Talk about a grand prize! []

- Latino unemployment seems to not be getting any better: in May alone, it rose to 11 percent, 3 points higher than the national average. []

- Dolores Huerta receives a Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work as a labor leader. []

- Something to make you smile: they released the new Magic Mike promotional poster. All we can really say is, yum. [The Insider]