WATCH: Racist White Woman Records Herself Stalking & Harassing Latinx Neighbors

A Washington woman has been arrested and charged with a hate crime after recording herself tailing and harassing a Latinx couple because of their ethnicity.

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Sandra Jametski, 48, followed her neighbors in their car while ranting about their ethnic background and the alleged privileges it gives them in her neighborhood on Facebook Live.

“This is America — we don’t drive like that here!” Jametski, a white woman from White Center (no lie), Washington yells in a video posted in November. “We don’t drive like you’re in Mexico, lady!”

Jametski follows the neighbors into a private school, which she believes their children attend, and develops a plan to get the kids kicked out.

“Oh, this must be where her kids go to school — in the privileged area,” she said. “So they don’t go to White Center, they go to the fricking private school. Oh, we’re going to fix this real fricking quick, because if these kids go to private school, if these kids go to this school right here, I’m going to enjoy this, because I know the f*cking principal!”

The woman, who says she's going to tell the school's principal all about their "ethnic" behaviors, then gets out of the car and confronts the family.

“I went to this school,” she yelled at her neighbors. “You have no freaking right to go to this school! You don’t even have a right to be in this country… Keep laughing, sp*c, because I’m going to be standing right here when your son comes out of school!”

According to Jametski, she first grew angry at the couple next door after an alleged car accident with them last year that occurred when the parents were teaching their son how to drive. However, the video, which shows the woman saying she’s “encased by Spanish people all around me” and wants to rail against “Spanish privilege,” illustrates that her frustration is also because of their ethnicity.

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Jametski, who surprisingly is not a Donald Trump supporter and once said she was "not going to live in a country where this f**ker is our president," is being held on $500,000 bail.