5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child Spanish

Now, perhaps more than ever, being bilingual is something that will help your child. But raising a bilingual child doesn't have to be a chore (even if you have limited language skills!). With a little creativity, you can make it fun for both of you.

Here are 5 ways to make learning espaňol fun:

1. Have them visit Abuela more often

It's no surprise that when children are around Spanish-speaking relatives, they are more likely to speak it themselves. Go ahead, encourage her to speak to her grandchildren only in Spanish.  Soon they'll learn that if they want to communicate with Abuela, they have to speak Spanish. Have your kids spend the day with her and make sure she sticks to it too.

2. Play Games

Games like I Spy, Memory and Simon Says can be fun and engage your little one quickly. Get creative. When you’re out with your kids, get them to play along with you. “I spy….algo verde y grande” or Simon dice, tocate la pies Have fun and watch them initiate games too.

3. Read books and watch DVDs

Why not use the help of some good old-fashioned books and DVD's? They can help reinforce what you're already teaching at home or what they’re learning in school while entertaining them as well. Watching their favorite movies in Spanish will put a fun twist on things that are already familiar. Two of our favorites: Little Pim Spanish intro set and Little Pim DVD Spanish set.  

4. Explore everyday activities

Trips to the grocery store or doing laundry now have a new purpose; learning Spanish!  Ask your daughter to pick out some vegetales rojas. When doing laundry, count how many camisas blancasyou fold.This activity of course has the added bonus of having a little help with the chores, too!

5. Practice, practice, practice

Commit to teaching your child Spanish and soon it will become a habit.  The more he becomes exposed to it, the more likely he is to speak it.  Get everyone at home onboard too and think of other ways to make learning fun.  But most of all, find ways to keep practicing.