America Ferrera Says Latino Voters Have "Finally Woken Up"

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Latino voters turned out in record numbers for the election this year, helping to decide key races in states like Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts and Texas. In a column for The Daily Beast, actress and activist America Ferrera voices her pride on the Latino voter turnout, but also stresses the need for continued engagement. 

"I’m unspeakably proud that Latinos made history this year," the actress writes. "I know that we can’t rest now. The Sleeping Giant, the long-promised future of Latino voters, has woken up."

America goes on to talk about the importance of spreading the word and for readers to "wake up others." In her work with Voto Latino, the non-profit organization aimed at encouraging young Latinos to vote, America focused on spreading awareness of the cause -- and she's not stopping now that the election is over.

"We’re awake, and the momentum is ours. We have more work to do to reach our full potential. Given Election Day’s results, our full potential is massive and unimaginably transformative. When Latinos vote, all Americans win, even the people who think voting could never play a role in their lives."

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