Donald Trump Adds Slut Shaming to His Attack on Alicia Machado By Using False Sex Tape Claims

Donald Trump’s attacks against former Miss Universe Alicia Machado don’t stop. On Friday, the Republican nominee called the beauty queen “disgusting” for allegedly participating in a sex tape, even taking jabs at Hillary Clinton, who has featured Machado on the campaign trail, for her “bad judgment.”

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The presidential candidate made a series of callous and childlike tweets on the matter this morning.



Trump‘s claims about Machado’s sex tape, however, seem to be false.

The former Miss Universe title-holder appeared in the Mexican Playboy two different times and once was a part of a Spanish reality show called La Granja VIP, where she hooked up with a co-star on camera, but it seems like that’s as “juicy” as her media presence gets.

Politico reported that, “the Daily Beast and other outlets that investigated the claim found no evidence that she has starred in any pornographic films and that the clips posted online actually feature another woman.”

But even if Machado had starred in a sex tape, that would have been her choice, one that doesn’t negate all the horrible ish Trump has said and done to her and one that certainly doesn’t make the venezolana less credible or valuable.

Trump’s attacks on Machado aren’t new, though. The host and actress gained national attention this week after Clinton revealed during Monday’s debate that her competitor had called Machado “Miss Housekeeping,” presumably because of her Latina background, and “Miss Piggy,” for gaining weight while holding her title.

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In fact, a horrifying video from 1997 of Trump explaining why Machado needed to lose weight is circulating on the Internet. Check it out above!