John McCain Advised Romney to Drop 'Self-Deport' Rhetoric

When Mitt Romney declared during a Republican primary debate in Tampa in January that he would want undocumented immigrants to "self-deport" back to their home countries, you could say that it caused a stir -- especially among Latino voters. It turns out, the general public wasn't alone: John McCain was also disturbed by the comment.

McCain, worried that his former rival was hurting himself by using that language, set up a call with fellow Senator Lindsay Graham, urging him to "tone down his rhetoric," according to Newsweek. Sources say Romney listened -- and he has not used that word again. 

The two have seemingly mended ties since their previous fall-outs and rivalries, with McCain giving advice to his former adversary. But many think that the politicians are just a little too different. But that won't stop Mccain from giving his two cents: "He asks me for advice and we have good conversations. He certainly listens to me,” McCain told Newsweek.

What did you think about the self-deport comment? Was McCain right in advising him against that language? Share in the comments!