Latino Immigrants Find Empowerment in Voting

Today, on election day, we want our readers, our chicas, to be as well informed about the candidates as possible when they head to the polls. To that end, will be bringing you the BEST Latino elections coverage from around the web all day long! Several of the stories we will post today have appeared on websites like, The Huffington Post and Univision News. The story below was recently published on 

By Cindy Y. Rodriguez,

Forty years ago, Balbino and Rosario Guevara didn’t vote. It had nothing to do with Nixon’s landslide or the electoral implosion of the Democratic Party; they were living in El Salvador. And they were simply afraid.

“I had two businesses: a restaurant and store. But then, the politics took a turn for the worse. ... People, even teachers, were being kidnapped. It was terrible,” Balbino Guevara said. “I told my wife, 'I don’t like this. We need to leave.' ”

The Guevaras watched helplessly as the country hurtled toward a brutal civil war. They fled to the United States in the early '70s, and suddenly, the ballot box became a key part of their identity.

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