Latino Republican Ted Cruz Vows to “Fight Obama” At Every Turn

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Republican Ted Cruz has been criticized as not being Latino enough to represent Latinos in the U.S. Senate, but now as the first Latino to represent Texas as senator, he has vowed to fight the White House and President Obama at every turn, reports Fox News Latino.

The senator, backed by the tea party, made his position clear in his victory speech on Tuesday. "[If Obama] means what he says on the campaign trail, if he is interested in working to bring people together to reduce the deficit and get people working, then I will work with him," he said. "But if he is re-elected and intends on continuing down this same path, then I will spend every waking moment to lead the fight to stop it."

As Obama won re-election, it will remain to be seen how the Texas senator will work to "fight" against him. Cruz replaces retiring Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. He will be the state's junior senator, behind Republican John Cornyn.

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