Mexico Pulls Aid For Texas To Help Their Own

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey's destruction, Mexico announced they would provide aid to Texas "as good neighbors should always do." 

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However, Mother Nature had more on her agenda than hitting the golf of Texas. Within two days, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake and a hurricane hit our helping neighbors. The result of the earthquake strike in the states of Oaxaca, Tabasco and Chiapas left 95 people dead, the Foreign Ministry said. The following day, category 1 hurricane Katia left 2 dead due to a mudslide in Mexico's Veracruz, according to Gov. Miguel Angel Yunez. The country is now dealing with the aftermath of such destructive forces. 



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Having experienced two tragic events so close together, the Mexican Foreign Ministry decided it is necessary to focus their aid on their own people instead. On monday, the Ministry took to the media to say "Given this situation, the Mexican government will channel all available logistical support to the families and communities that have been affected in Mexico and has informed the Texas and US governments that, unfortunately, on this occasion, it won't be possible to provide the assistance originally offered to Texas in late August in the wake of Hurricane Harvey." 

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Though our neighbors had good intentions when announing their offer, no one could forsee that more destructive events would follow deadly Hurricane Harvey. Hopefully, this destrctive era is coming to a close sometime soon.