Millions of Venezuelans Vote Against President Maduro’s Plans in Unofficial Poll

More than 7 million Venezuelans expressed their opposition against President Nicolás Maduro’s plans to change the country's constitution in an unofficial, and ultimately violent, vote on Sunday. 

MORE: Two Shot Dead During Anti-Government Protest in Venezuela 

A 61-year old woman was killed at the election site and four others were wounded in a shooting that took place when government supporters arrived on the premises. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first death caused by the political pressure placed by both the opposition and the government. There have been nearly one hundred deaths from street rallies held by the opposition. 

Leaders from the Venezuela coalition of the opposition are now getting ready for their next move, “Zero Hour,” to fully stop the President’s new legislative. According to, this may include a national strike, a march on the presidential palace, and road blockades or sit-ins.

“Today, Venezuela stood up with dignity to say freedom does not go backwards, democracy is not negotiated," said Julio Borges, president of the National Assembly and deputy of the Venezuelan coalition of opposition, shortly after the results were announced. "We don’t want a fraudulent constituent assembly imposed on us. We don’t want to be Cuba. We don’t want to be a country without freedom.”   

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Although the unsanctioned vote has the no legal impact on the government, it still shows a massive support for the vision the growing opposition has in place. Countless people lined up to vote and supporters took to social media to show their support under the hashtag HoyElPuebloDecide (today the people decide). Check out the clip below of Borges giving a speech after the votes were tallied.