President Obama's Approval Rate Increases Among Latinos

Despite President Barack Obama’s challenge of delivering spending cuts for the sequester deadline on March 1st, a new survey conducted by USA Today and the Pew Research Center claims that his approval rate among Latinos has improved dramatically.

The study based on telephone interviews with about 1,500 participants, targeted issues including his job and immigration approval ratings. Among their findings, 41% of Hispanics believe that Obama has created a more secure path towards citizenship and has made implementing new policies his priority. In addition, almost half of the Latinos (49%) surveyed believe that stronger border security should also form part of Obama’s agenda. Overall, 68% of Latinos approved of Obama’s job at handling immigration reform, up 28% since the year before.

Obama’s job approval rate among Hispanics also fell in his favor. Last year, 48% of Latinos approved of his work in office when it came to decreasing unemployment and creating more jobs. By the end of 2012, his job approval rate among Hispanics increased to 75% and has steadily held at 73% in the first quarter of 2013. These numbers are greatly influenced by his viewed improvements on the topic of immigration policy.

While he gained points on the issues of immigration and employment, Obama did receive overall poor scores for how he has handled the economy and the budget deficit. A whopping 76% of Americans believe that tax increases should be a part of his deficit reduction plan. If Congress and President cannot agree on a plan by the deadline, 40% of Americans say spending cuts should automatically take effect.

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