WATCH: Congressman Steve King Insults Latina on Twitter, So She Confronts Him IRL


Congressman Steve King, never one to shy away from racist and xenophobic comments, messed with the wrong Latina.

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On Tuesday, Vanessa Marcano-Kelly, a board member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI), tweeted that King, an Iowa Republican, didn’t show up to a meeting the organization had set up with him in Washington, D.C.

"had mtg set up with @SteveKingIA staff in DC. 23 min later, staff no show. We're here all the way from IA. Way 2 serve the people, Rep. King," the venezolana wrote.



In his response, the politician, the person tasked to represent women like Marcano-Kelly, was both racist and accusatory, saying she lied about the whole thing.

“Do you always lie in English” King said.




Instead of engaging in Trump-like Twitter beef, Marcano-Kelly decided to keep it all the way 100, showing up to King's office with some Iowa CCI members and demanding an apology for the offensive tweet. With a camera on hand, the entire encounter was recorded.

King was conveniently nowhere to be found, but that didn't stop the Latina from using her voice. She read the following to the representative’s staffer:


We’re here from Des Moines, we flew here [to DC] to meet with our congressional delegation and then what does he do? He says, ‘Do you always lie in English?’ on Twitter — racist harassment on Twitter, which was exactly the thing that we were going to talk to him about. I do not lie. Yo no digo mentiras, yo digo la verdad en Español. In English I always tell the truth. En français, je dis toujours la vérité. It’s unfathomable that this person pretends to represent Iowa values. Iowa values are about welcoming people, are about valuing people like me — I am an immigrant. I love Iowa, but this person does not represent the values of Iowa. So what I am demanding right now is an apology from this office, from whoever is the staffer that crafted that toxic, racist tweet. And an apology from Steve King because that is his social media presence, and that means that that [tweet] was authorized by the representative. 


Jared Culver, the staffer present, took blame for the meeting mix-up and apologized for his role in the matter.

But Marcano-Kelly, who wasn’t able to speak with the man who mocked her, left unsatisfied.

"This is not just an attack on me. Today I was the target of this toxicity on Twitter from Steve King, but it's constant — for years it has happened. And actually, Jared, what we wanted to talk to you about was this constant harassment of immigrants in our country by representative Steve King," she said.

Just a week ago, King congratulated Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for deporting the first DREAMer.

King, taking a cue from the president, responded once more on – you guessed it – Twitter. This time admitting that Marcano-Kelly hadn’t lied about the meeting, but still no apology for missing out or his racially charged comment.

“U didn't lie. No way to connect u2 the missed meeting. Next time just call. Glad all is cleared up,” he tweeted.

Marcano-Kelly may not be pleased with King’s half-ass reply, or his continued behavior, but she is proud of herself for standing up.

“When everyday people are under attack, what do we do? Stand up! Fight back! | Gracias & Thank you all for your kind words," she tweeted.



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We’re applauding Marcano-Kelly, and you will, too, after watching the whole thing in the video below.

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