Trump Goes After Puerto Rico in Latest Twitter Rant About Democrats


In Donald Trump's latest Twitter meltdown, the president accused Democrats of wanting to shut down the government in order to bail out Puerto Rico.

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“The Democrats want to shut government if we don't bail out Puerto Rico and give billions to their insurance companies for OCare failure. NO!” he tweeted Thursday.

Even more, Trump alleges that Dems are planning to bail out the U.S. territory by using taxpayer dollars.

“Democrats are trying to bail out insurance companies from disastrous #ObamaCare, and Puerto Rico with your tax dollars. Sad!” he tweeted on Wednesday night.

Puerto Rico is facing a Medicaid crisis, with funding for the program possibly drying out by the end of the year, leaving low-income and impoverished Puerto Ricans without access to health care. In response, 74 Democrats in Congress wrote a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan urging him to take the situation on the Caribbean island seriously.

“Not addressing the cliff will also result in additional outmigration to the mainland, where the cost of providing Medicaid is much greater than on the island. We have already seen unprecedented numbers of Puerto Rican residents, including health care providers, leave the island,” the letter stated.

Democrats also pushed for funds to help Puerto Rico cover its shortfall in Medicaid payments, which is likely what Trump’s tweets reference.

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Addressing, and temporarily relieving, a problem in Puerto Rico that the U.S. had a role in creating is not a bailout, but calling it such is one way to avoid helping millions of Black and brown U.S. citizens who live on the island.